Nasarawa State Health Insurance Agency General Questions

You (principal enrollee), a Spouse and four biological Children within the age of 0 -18 yrs

Pay additional premium into NASHIA account for them to be registered.

Obtain form from your desk officer or NASHIA office. Fill the form attach a passport photograph of your family members whose names appear on the form and duly signed by your head of MDA and submit to NASHIA.

You will be registered as an individual after the payment of premium into NASHIA account.

Yes, you can change after six (6) months of accessing the initial one

You can change in not less than 6 months of accessing health at any HCP.

A principal enrollee is entitled to a spouse but additional premium is paid to register the second spouse.

You can replace dependants either due to any of these reasons:-

  • Overage
  • Not living with you
  • In case of death
  • In case of divorce (spouse).

You can replace your lost NASHIA cards by doing the following:-

  • Come with a police report to NASHIA
  • Write to  NASHIA for replacement of lost NASHIA card.
  • Obtain NASHIA form and fill.
  • Pay a token of N500 into NASHIA account.
  • New card is printed for you.

You don’t have to pay any amount to change your HCP.

Yes, but make sure it has the basic facilities to take care of Primary Health Care Services and it is registered with NASHIA.

Yes, you can but the TPA/ NASHIA has to be informed by you or the HCP within 48hrs of admission.

You cannot because your name and that of your dependents has to be sent to your HCP with your capitation before you can access care.

You can register because deduction is from both salaries. Register and include other dependants that cannot be accommodated by your spouse and chose different hospitals.

No your premium would not be refunded to you because Health Insurance involves pooling of funds and sharing the risk.

Pay ₦12,000 per enrolee for a year.

Fifty Thousand Naira (₦50,000)